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Allwords.com   Has the traditional dictionary feature along with specialized word searches and translations.
Bartleby.com   A site worth the time to explore it. Contains a myriad of features for writers that include a dictionary, a thesausus, an encyclopedia, an English usage book, and a style book.
Dictionary.com   Contains a dictionary, thesausus, and encyclopedia features amoung others.
Encarta.msn.com   Includes a dictionary, thesauses, translations, and encyclopedia features.
Merriam-Webster.com   Can use the dictionary, thesaurus, Spanish-English translator, or medical search feature by word or phrase.
Wordsmyth.net   Users will need to register to use some of the features on the site; however, registering is not required to look up an exact definition.
YourDictionary.com   In addition to dictionary and thesaurus features, this website provides specialized dictionaries and word games.   

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