Dr. Douglas Fisher - What is close reading? 

Mem Fox's Ten Commandments of Read Aloud

Rick’s Reading Workshop: Overview
Rick Kleine gives an overview of one day’s Reading Workshop format.  We see excerpts of the mini-lesson and conferences.  (copy and paste into your browser if a link does not respond)

Rick’s Reading Workshop: One on One
Rick Kleine gives an overview of other structures of the Reading Workshop.

Rick’s Reading Workshop: Mini-lesson
In this video, we see the more complete version of the mini-lesson that we saw pieces of in the overview video.  Rick uses shared reading (also known as an interactive read aloud) to teach students about making theories about character traits.

Rick’s Reading Workshop: Silent Reading
In this video, Rick Kleine gives us an in-depth look at a conference.

Jim Trelease and Read Aloud tips

Note: If links to the reading workshop do not work, simply copy the link and paste it into your browser.  

CHILDREN of the CODE: Brain Imaging and Reading 

Dr. Sally Shaywitz


Alberta multi-media resource collections

Scaffolded Oral Reading (ScORe) - similar to the neurological impress method. with Andrew Johnson