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Grammar/Parts of Speech/Punctuation

20 Common Grammar Errors?
These 2 blogs are examples of the lists editors make: 
  • Students may want to view their texts from an editor's point of view.  This method is handy as a teaching tool - get 20 right and you've improved.
  • About Grammar This blogger reports on updated grammar topics and the site links great grammar tips and exercises.  

50 Word Problems? 
Use this to branch out your editing systems. These 50 "choices" should become familiar to your students as they become editors.

Sometimes editors get hung up on their own personal list. A personal list is useful but when you are editing for several journals or you edit in several rhetorical types then a more expanded set of lists is necessary. Expanded lists are difficult for the novice editor/writer to grasp when it comes to catching their own/the machine's errors. One reason for this is that the rules are difficult to remember and sometimes difficult to spot when you are also reading for meaning. To assist our editing we review several times, use more than one editor, and get assistance from machines.

In the 21st century we typically use electronic assists to edit work. My favorite assist is Grammarly listed below. Check the online handbook for a comprehensive list. Cut and paste text to check for errors you may have missed/the machine interprets as errors. 

Grammarly Handbook (online version) Parts of speech laid out in an orderly fashion.  Try one per week and check your writing results on the Grammarly site. 
Also use the lessons on these sites:

 Grammar Monster - provides small tests of right and wrong
Three Grammar Review Activities: Parts of Speech
From Bright Hub Education.

Colorful Parts of Speech
A lesson plan requiring students to classify words in context.

Parts of Speech Quickie
A quick review. See also Parts of Speech Song.

Adjective? What's an Adjective?
A lesson plan for grades 5-12.

Adjective/Adverb "Taboo"
A high school lesson plan using a version of the popular game "Taboo."

Grammar Wheels
An activity designed to give students practice writing sentences containing particular grammatical elements.

 Analyzing Grammar Pet Peeves
A high school lesson plan from Read-Write-Think. See also
What’s My Subject? A Subject-Verb Agreement Mini-lesson and Manipulating Sentences to Reinforce Grammar Skills for other secondary activities from this source.  
The English Tutor
On-line writing help plus quizzes for grammar, idioms, verbs, etc.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Perhaps the best grammar and writing resource on the Web, this interactive site covers virtually every aspect of writing conventions and composition.

Crash and Contract
A 2nd-grade lesson plan on contractions.

Using Poetry to Teach the Subordinate Clause
An interesting 9th-grade lesson plan.

Sentence Rummy
A lesson plan that makes a game out of writing complete sentences.

A game designed to help students learn about types of sentences.

High Rollers
Lesson plan on sentence types.
Using Commas and Semi-Colons Correctly

Spelling decisions Gray or grey? They are both right; or, are they?  
A high school lesson plan based on an activity I use with my college students.
Every Punctuation Mark Matters
A mini-lesson on semi-colons using MLK Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail" from Read-Write-Think. See also
The Passion of Punctuation for another lesson from this same source.
Pasta Punctuation
A lesson plan for grades 3-4.
Perfect Punctuation
An elementary lesson plan from Crayola.  
Punctuation Party
An elementary-grade lesson plan.
Inside or Outside
A mini-lesson on quotation marks.
Making a Successful Punctuation Lesson

A complete collection of lessons/tutorials in grammar and editing plus high school spelling lessons.
JC Schools tutorials
Free Grammar Sites list  
Grammar Girl tips and tricks site