Journalism, Media, and Communication

Journalism/Media/Communication Lesson Plans

NEW! Using the Olympics to Teach English
Ideas for connecting news events such as the Olympics to your classroom. Lesson plans linked to this blog.  
Journalism Education in Canada 

Ideas and lesson plans covering most aspects of journalism. 
High School Journalism
A large number of lesson plans.

The Write Site
Journalism information and activities.
Sports Journalism Lesson Plan
 A high school lesson plan.

Magazine Ads and You, the Teenager
A mass media unit for grades 6-8.

Student Newspaper Project
Ten lesson plans for grades 4-6. 

Newspapers for Classrooms. Scroll down the page to find ideas for creating classroom newspapers and using newspapers in the classroom.
Creating a School-Based Newsletter
A unit for grades 9--12.

School Newspaper Unit
A unit  for intermediate to high school grades in which students research and write articles that will be published in an electronic newspaper.

Facing TV Violence
A lesson plan for grades 1-4.
Taking Charge of TV Violence
A lesson plan for grades 5-7.

Junk Mail Explosion
A high school mass media lesson plan.
Lesson Plans: Speech
Freedom of Speech and Automatic Language: Examining the Pledge of Allegiance
A high school lesson plan.
Delivering a Persuasive Speech
A lesson plan for grades 7-12. 

Giving a Persuasive Speech.
Speech Unit
Several lesson ideas for grades 9-12.
Speech Rubric
See also Scoring Rubric for Speech.

Indispensable Listening Skills
A high school lesson plan.
Active/Reflective Listening Skills
A lesson plan from the Utah Education Network.
Improve Listening Comprehension with Music
A high school lesson plan
Cool Jobs - A Debate Lesson Plan
A lesson plan appropriate for pre-intermediate and intermediate ESL/EFL students. It would be a suitable activity for using with career vocabulary or with comparative adjectives and nouns.

The Three Rival Brothers Debate Lesson Plan
An elementary lesson plan involving a debate based on the story, "The Three Rival Brothers" from the book African Myths by Carter Godwin Woodson.
Drama/Storytelling/Theater Lesson Plans
South Carolina Theater Curriculum Guide
An unedited draft in pdf format.

Magical Morphing Theatre Lesson Plan Exchange
An excellent source for lesson plans, warm-ups, and links to other theater sites.

Scribbling Women
A project of The Public Media Foundation, this wonderful site dramatizes stories by American women writers for national radio broadcast. It provides lesson plans and other classroom resources for teaching and learning about the radio plays written by these women authors. You have to register in order to access the lesson ideas.

Sociology Through Five Plays
A high school unit examining the sociological aspects of five plays: “A Raisin in the Sun,” “The Blood Knot,” “Death of a Salesman,” “The Glass Menagerie,” and “The Oxcart.”

Drama for Those Who Don't Like Drama
A high school unit including plays such as Death of Salesman and The Land Beyond the River.

The Glass Managerie
A Teacher's Study Guide from LA Theater Works. See their other Teacher's Guides.

Set Design
A high school unit.

Story Starters
A lesson plan adaptable to a variety of grade levels.

Story Arts Online
Excellent story-telling resource. Click on the site below to access a long list of lesson plans from Story Arts.

Storytelling Lesson Plans and Activities
Activities, story telling across the curriculum, folktales themes, and links to other story telling sites.

Storytelling Lesson Plan
This lesson plan for grades 4-5 is from American Folklore. See their folklore lesson plans and other teacher resources.

Trove digitized newspaper 
Wraggelabs Emporium. Try  the Query Pic to generate statistics.
Human Rights Activities in ELA
2017 Scotia Giller Award Shortlist