Visual Literacy & Dramatic Arts (film, drama, storytelling)

10 Most Watched NFB Films of 2017

Digital storytelling hints and links

Literacy Through the Dramatic Arts provides lessons and connections to drama in ELA

National Film Board Educational Pages provides ongoing updates on film in Canada. Sign up for the education part of this site. Lesson plans are available. National Film Board Education Pages

National Film Board (NFB) example: Not All Heroes Wear Capes: 5 Films About Real-Life Superheroes.

Genre study: One opinion of the top ten science fiction television shows

Genre study: Science fiction sitcoms failures of the 70s.  

Compass Learning has a variety of sample lessons that can be used as examples to develop your teaching website. Look at the Longfellow, Dickinson, and Witman samples for inspiration. 

Open Culture is a free collections site. Much of the material is very high level. Personal learning.

Tom Phillips: The Humument is a project revisualizing books.

Christmas Around the World