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Animal Farm - by George Orwell

Harry Potter - by J.K. Rowling, this site founded by Emerson Spartz (When he was 12 years old!) is a fan-based site full of information. 

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This site, officiated by Tracee Orman, features lesson plans and teaching materials. 

Canterbury Tales (updated online version)

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Reading Like a Historian

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Unsure if you want to adopt a classic? Check out summaries on SparkNotes. 

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Why we read and Shakespeare Crash Course in Romeo and Juliette 

Rick’s Reading Workshop: Overview
Rick Kleine gives an overview of one day’s Reading Workshop format.  We
see excerpts of the mini-lesson and conferences.

Rick’s Reading Workshop: One on One
Rick Kleine gives an overview of other structures of the Reading Workshop.

Rick’s Reading Workshop: Mini-lesson
In this video, we see the more complete version of the mini-lesson that
we saw pieces of in the overview video.  Rick uses shared reading (also
known as an interactive read aloud) to teach students about making
theories about character traits.

Rick’s Reading Workshop: Silent Reading
In this video, Rick Kleine gives us an in-depth look at a conference.

Canadian Authors (in revision):
GuyGavriel Kay - received the Order of Canada in 2015 

Metropolitan Museum - over 400 FREE online art books with full text. Search "books" at  

Shakespeare in famous voices - YouTube by Impressionist Jim Meskimen