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I thought you might want to have a template for your job application cover letter and resume. Here are some of the links I have selected for your job search.

Job News:

Resume templates from Microsoft Office. (or click here)
Cover Letter Now (commercial site includes cover letter builder)
Job Search templates (includes cover letter templates and resume templates)

Find Teaching Positions in Manitoba & Beyond 
  • Click here. Use Indeed search engine. Use "teaching" and "Manitoba" as your search terms to get the latest updates on positions in Manitoba and beyond, if you change the search terms

Interview News (click on the underlined titles):
The Guardian: Article about the top ten questions teacher candidates are asked.
The long list from University of Delaware: Questions asked of teachers in interviews.
Education Canada offers possible questions (another long list) asked during teacher interviews. Other tips are offered here, too.
Here are some possible interview questions to consider. This set is from Ontario and the site includes other helpful job hints.

Jobs for the Future Report:  This interesting report on changes in the job market and their related skills is an important read. We prepare ourselves for work/jobs and we also prepare our future generations so it is important to be connected to the changes.