Job Application Hints

It is spring and it is job application time. New teachers and those who want a change are grinding out cover letters and resumes in the hope of acquiring the best job possible. Whether you are a teacher or not, here are some practical hints to focus your application process:

1. Read job descriptions carefully. Do a close reading. It takes time to make the ads for jobs. Some ads are carefully constructed to weed out particular weaknesses and/or attract certain qualifications. Imagine yourself preparing the ad to visualize the stance of the hiring committee.
2. Address one by one, each qualification asked for in a particular job description (e.g., newspaper ad) in your cover letter. Demonstrate how your own qualifications fit each qualification that is advertised. Careful reading of the ad helps you, too.  (a) It will help you to be more discerning about the place where you want to work, (b) It provides a guideline of what to say as you prepare for a possible interview.
3. Take the attitude of a winner into your interview. Getting an interview is an accomplishment. You might not get this job, but if you interviewed well then you have networked with a committee that might decide you are best suited for another position.
4. Aim for a good interview. Perhaps the person who finally gets the job is internal, next the hiring committee considers you to fill the position left vacant. Second prize is often the result of a good interview. 
5. Be positive. A teaching certificate opens many doors beyond public school teaching. You will get a job if you groom your application skills and persist.