Now's the Time

You are now in your second month of university courses and headed into your second last practicum. Now is the time to start thinking cover letter and resume. Do not wait until after Christmas. You need this time to prepare, to focus your resume, and to ensure that you did not make any structural, grammatical, or spelling errors.

Be vigilant about preparing your letter and resume. You cannot afford to take your first impression as a writer lightly. If you expect to be hired as an ELA teacher, note that spelling and grammar errors in your letter will be seen ten times larger than if you applied for a job, for instance, in physical education. Prepare the language in your letter to have energy and demonstrate your unique talents - particularly if you know that a unique talent is needed in a job that may come up. Networking also starts now.

Take time to also check on the correct spelling of each superintendent's names. Do not rely only on the Internet web sources to ensure the correct spelling. You might phone once to check on the correct spelling if there is any doubt. Finally, do not rely on spell check to correct your errors but do not turn it off either. A rule of thumb I have used is, check 3 times line by line, then have an outside reader, then check one more time. This will help you develop editorial accuracy.

Microsoft resume templates may provide a helpful beginner guide for your resume. You might also use "Cover Letters that Knock 'Em Dead" as your guide for a cover letter.